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Odonata is Latin for dragonfly. Makes perfect sense, right? There is much folklore about the magic of dragonflies, but we just think they are pretty. And naming our vacation compound after this enchanting insect gives us the opportunity to paint our container homes beautiful colors. Plus they eat mosquitos.

Are groups allowed to book the entire compound?

We love groups. Odonata Escape is designed for groups of all sizes. We absolutely do allow a group to reserve any or all of our rooms. If you have a group of 4 or more, please contact us at groups@odonataescape.com to make your reservations.

How far in advance can I book my room(s)?
Once reservations are open, we are keeping bookings closed beyond two months. If you anticipate making reservations beyond the two-month window please contact us at info@odonataescape.com so we can help you with your accomodations.
What is a container home?

A ‘container home’ is a building that is made primarily from shipping containers (those things you see on freight trains and 18-wheelers…). In our case, they are the basic building blocks — but done up and finished *really* nice.

Is Odonata Escape Kid Friendly?

Children are welcomed. However, there are no playgrounds, nor any child-centric focus at Odonata Escape.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes…. well-behaved ones. We will assess a one-time $40.00 surcharge for cleaning. But, be forewarned, Odonata Escape is in the country — scorpions, skunks, and foxes are all around. And for dogs that get excited, remember that the deer, turkeys, and raccoons may make them even more excited.

Will drinks or food be served at Odonata Escape?

Odonata Escape does not serve drinks or food. However, guests may bring food and drinks from home or from one of the local Fredericksburg grocery stores or restaurants.

Can I Bring My Own Alcoholic Beverages?

Undoubtedly. Please be very friendly to the local wineries….
And, with the big compound, Adirondack chairs, and fire pit, it would be practically uncivilized not to have them to just sit, lounge, and gab.

Cancellations and Changes

If your travel plans change and you must cancel or change your reservation: Call or email us at least 30 days prior to your arrival date (60 days if the entire plaza is booked for the same event) for a cheerful refund of your deposit less a $30 service charge per room booked.

If you cancel between 14 days and 30 days (30 days and 60 days for the entire plaza), we will refund you the hotel tax and cleaning fee, and 50% of your room amount.

If you cancel less than 14 days (30 days for the entire plaza) prior to your stay, we will refund the hotel tax and the cleaning fee.

If the unit is rebooked, we will issue you a refund of up to your full remaining amount, depending on if the room is rebooked and the rebooking amount received for the room rate.

You bear the burden of all weather events that do not affect the power at the plaza. That is, you bear the risk of inclement weather affecting travel conditions, subject only to the time restrictions above.

Please print this page for your reference.

This is a contract. If you decide within 48 hours of this booking that you do not like these terms, you may freely, and without cost, cancel your booking for a full refund provided the end of the 48 hours is prior to the first date in the cancellation policies above. If the end of the 48 hours is after the first date in the cancellation policies above, you may freely, and without cost, cancel this booking within 12 hours of making it.

Will I have access to Wi-Fi?

We plan on it. It is still being built out. Be forewarned that cell coverage is, well, lets just say ‘far from optimal’.

Is there AC/Heating at Odonata Escape?

Every room will have independent temperature control….. In short, yes. While this is the country, this is *not* the 1880’s.

What types of critters will I likely see during my stay?

What you’ll see a *lot* of are deer and turkeys and gophers. Way too many gophers.

What you may see some of: foxes, rabbits, skunks, hawks, owls, bats, armadillos.

What time will check-out and check-in be?

Check-in will be at 3:00 pm. Check-out is at 11:00 am.

Can I host a party, retreat, or wedding at Odonata Escape?

Parties? Just tell us when. Remember that this is *not* a huge venue. 

Retreat? Absolutely. With room for 16 people, we would *love* to host your retreat. In the next phase, we will be building out the existing farmhouse to be a ‘meeting-friendly’ conference space, along with a caterer/private chef-level kitchen.

Weddings? Not at this time. We don’t have the proper facilities to throw a good wedding/reception for large groups. We would absolutely want to host groups traveling to any nuptials, and anybody wanting to have the pre-nuptial bachelorette outing to the Fredericksburg area.

Will there be any room services?

We do not have room service. If you are hosting a retreat or big group, once our kitchen is done you can ask your friendly caterer or private chef to do this for you…… (cheesy grin)

Each room *will* have a mini-fridge, toaster oven, microwave, and coffee maker. And the grill pit in the center of the compound can certainly be used. Just remember you might have to stop and chat with anyone sitting and gabbing at the fire pit when you do.

Will there be any cleaning services?

Every room will be cleaned prior to a new visitor. If you want a daily cleaning service during your stay — please make arrangements prior to your stay for that. We are still planning that portion, and it may be subject to an additional charge.

What types of activities can I enjoy during my stay?

You can enjoy Fredericksburg, the Hill Country, and all its offerings. Things To Do

Odonata Escape

We understand how important it is to find the right place to stay when visiting Fredericksburg. So plan your stay with us for a unique lodging experience.

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Our Rooms

Odonata Escape’s eight guest rooms are built duplex-style out of 5 shipping containers per duplex. Joined at the kitchenette wall for privacy, each has a large front deck, spacious shower, and unique furnishings.

Each room includes:
● A King bed
● Built-in daybed
● Kitchenette with under counter fridge
● Microwave
● Toaster oven
● Keurig

Each individual room is outfitted to be absolutely unique from any other room at Odonata Escape.


  • While glitter may be fun and sparkly, it doesn’t translate well to cleaning and removing it from rooms after the fun.   No glitter will be permitted in the rooms.
  • Out of respect for our neighbors and other guests, please be considerate of the noise level by the fire pit after 10 pm.
  • No smoking inside any building, or within 25 feet of any doorway.

Odonata Escape

Rest, relax, recharge…. or ruminate at Odonata Escape, where rustic meets refined!